What to Look for When Purchasing Portable Power

With an overwhelming amount of portable batteries on the market today, shopping for one can be excruciating. Here's a list of things to look for when you're in the market for external batteries.

1. Type of Battery
It's best to look for ones that come with Samsung Lithium-Ion cells. The lesser the charge leak, the more the battery will last even when not in use. Lithium-Ion batteries do not store memory, which means no need to fully charge the device before using it, which is a great bonus.

2. Built-In Circuit Protection
Not all companies invest the time and money to make sure their products are 100% safe so keep an eye out for companies that include "Built-In Circuit Protection" on their website or on their products.

3. Lab Tested
In-house as well as third-party lab tested to ensure your product is high quality and will keep you connected. This is something you do want to pay extra for, as well as built-in circuit protection.

4. At Least 500 Charging Cycles
That means your battery will last for at least 500 full charges, which if used daily at its full capacity, should last at least 17 months. In this case, invest in companies that offer at least an 18-month warranty on their products.

5. Auto OFF
This is important because you don't want to forget your device on and lose a full charge, time after time. Auto OFF means when your device hasn't been used for a while, your battery automatically shuts off, conserving power.

6. Indicator Lights
This helps you keep track of your battery. It is your battery's way of communicating with you to let you know when it is time to charge it again. Very helpful when you're mobile.

7. Versatile
This all depends on your needs and budget. Do you need it to charge your phone as well as your laptop? If so, look out for the battery's capacity, usually ranging between 2200 mAh and 10400 mAh. Even better, you can purchase ones that also jump starts your car, boat, ATV, motorcycle and etc. You want to pay attention to their Starting and Peak current, and preferably choose one that is water resistant if you're in the market for charging your phone and jump starting your car or boat with the same device. For example, Weego's N44 charges your phone, laptop, jump starts your car, boat, ATV and fits in your pocket with its compact design.

High quality and long lasting is key when choosing your next portable power companion, and always remember, "good batteries aren't cheap, cheap batteries aren't good - why take chances?" - Weego