The Speaker That Travels The World

The Polk Boom Swimmer is one of the most versatile speakers on the market.
It is dirt, sand, shock and waterproof, and it is REALLY LOUD with some serious BASS.

It comes with a detachable tail and a suction cup. It attaches to almost everything; bikes, fences, shower heads, chairs, bags, balcony railings, glass windows, etc.

We have taken it with us to many places around the world. Watch it live the life.

Balcony Railing in Montreal, Quebec

Apartment Terrace in Barcelona, Spain

Beach Umbrella in Koh Samui, Thailand

Punching Bag in Montreal, Quebec 
Lakeside Dock in Collingwood, Ontario
Swimming Pool in Thailand
Dog Carrier in Miami Beach, Florida

Sand Dunes in Dubai, UAE
Apartment Chair in Napoli, Italy
The Polk Boom Swimmer is only 0.4 lbs and comes with a lithium battery. You get about 8 hours of constant play per charge. It includes a USB cable for charging, so no batteries required! You can connect two Polk Boom Swimmers together for more sound. Not that this small compact speaker doesn't deliver on its own. It's impressive and sells for less than $70 CAD in most stores.