Harmony Pro for Professional Installers


With an installers' online portal, including remote access, the Harmony pro builds on the award-winning Harmony Elite to give total control over home entertainment and smart home devices. Only available and installed by professionals, it includes Harmony Precision IR cables, powerful multi-zone audio control, ongoing customer service options, with priority to Progressive Sales Canada (PSC) dealers, and an enhanced warranty - to satisfy even the most demanding installations.

The Harmony Pro replaces up to 15 remotes, for seamless control of entertainment and home automation devices. The all-new design keeps the best features from its predecessors-colour touchscreen, motion sensing, and vibration feedback-and adds an improved button layout, dedicated connected-home buttons, and a replaceable, rechargeable battery with 20% greater capacity. 

Power up the system and switch between Activities like "Watch a Movie" with one button press. With the Harmony Pro, users can control devices inside closed cabinets, through walls, and even remotely! The advanced remote has motion-activated backlit buttons, even in the dark. Practically, the Harmony app turns Smartphones and tablets into full-featured personal remote controls for all the users in the house. The Harmony Pro supports over 270,000 devices, making it one of the most compatible remotes in the market today!

Seven Harmony Pro features

1. Multi-zone
Extend and easily control audio, zone-by-zone, throughout the home.

2. Copy & restore settings
Copy settings from one remote to another. Restore settings from the cloud.

3. Rich customization 
Program different functions for short or long press on every button.

4. Sequences
Program multiple steps into a single press of a button to create the ultimate shortcut to your favourite app or menu option.

5. Away from home control
Set recordings, turn on lights, or activate any of your devices while not at home.

6. Precision IR control
Control a whole cabinet of equipment with 2 additional Harmony Precision IR Cables and their 8-device-specific IR LEDs.

7. One-touch actions
Switch to your favourite channels between gaming, Netflix, Apple TV, and virtually any device.

How is the Harmony Pro similar to the Harmony Elite?
It comes with a rechargeable universal remote, Harmony hub and app. It controls home devices such as lights, blinds, locks and thermostats, as well as IR and bluetooth game consoles. Conveniently, it allows for full control from the remote or the Harmony app (smartphones and tablets).

. Harmony Pro remote with a rechargeable battery
. Charging station
. Harmony hub
. 2 IR mini blasters
. Precision IR blaster kit
. Charging station
. USB cable
. 2 AC adapters
. User documentation

The Harmony Pro is for professional installers and sold through Progressive Sales Canada (PSC) dealers only. To become a dealer, or for existing PSC dealers, please request authorization to sell the Harmony Pro here or visit the PSC website.

www.ps-canada.ca | info@ps-canada.ca | 1-866-776-7371